President Professor, University President Civic Leader Geologist, Explorer






Emil Constantinescu



President of Romania 1996-2000;

Rector of the University of Bucharest 1992-1996


Academic Profile




  • Diploma in Legal Sciences, Faculty of Law, Bucharest University, 1960
  • Diploma in Geology, Faculty of Geology and Geography, Bucharest University, 1966
  • Doctor in Geology, Bucharest University; Doctor ès Sciences, Duke University, USA



  • Honorary President, Bucharest University Senate, since 1996
  • Rector (President), Bucharest University, 1992 – 1996
  • Chairman, National Council of Universities Rectors, 1992 – 1996
  • Vice-Rector (Vice-President), Bucharest University, 1990 – 1992
  • Professor of Mineralogy and Crystallography, Faculty of Geology, Bucharest University, since 1991
  • Visiting Professor, Natural Sciences Department, Duke University, North Carolina USA, 1991 –   1992
  • University assistant, lecturer for the courses on: Crystallography, Mineralogy, Petrography and Physical Methods of Minerals Analysis, Bucharest University, 1966 - 1990
  • Junior judge, District Court, Pitesti, 1960 - 1961



  • Head of the Thermal Analysis Laboratory, Faculty of Geology, Bucharest University, 1970 – 1982
  • Head of X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory, Faculty of Geology, Bucharest University, 1980 – 1987
  • Scientific Counselor, Geological and Geophysical Exploration Company, Bucharest, 1987 – 1990



  • Nine rare minerals, so far unknown in Romania – Identified and fully described: clintonite, idaite, siegenite, kalsilite, crandalite, kobellite, scorodite, coloradoite
  • A new hypothesis on the metasomatic origin of micrographic intergrowths
  • Model of skarn mineralogenesis under recurrent variations of CO2 pressure
  • Genetic models of manganese minerals association and of RE and uranium minerals association in metamorphic formations
  • Identification and description of alpine veins on the territory of Romania 
  • Fractal features of dendrites
  • First Crystallographic Atlas of Romania
  • Scientific collection MINERALS OF ROMANIA, Bucharest University: samples, crystals, thin sections, polished sections
  • Project for a new Faculty of Geology and Geography, University of Algiers, Algeria, co-author, 1980



  • Oxford, Cambridge Universities; British Geological Survey, Nottingham – Great Britain
  • Berkeley, Stanford, Georgetown, Washington D.C.; Columbia, New York Universities; Indiana University, Bloomington; South California University, Los Angeles
  • Tübingen, Ausburg, Munchen, Karlsruhe Univerisities, Germany; Harvard, Royal Geological Society; "National Geographic" Society, Washington, USA,
  • Sorbonne University, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris
  • Turku University; Geological Survey of Finland, Helsinki - Finland
  • Caroline University, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Patras University, Athens Polytechnic University, Kapodistrian University, Athens, Greece
  • Institute of Mineralogy, Guyang; Geological Institute of the Chinese Academy, Beijing; Beijing University, China
  • Rio de Janeiro University, Sao Paolo University, Brasil
  • Sydney University, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
  • National University, Cairo; Alexandria University, Cairo American University, Library of Alexandria, Egypt
  • Geology and Mining Institute, Zagreb, Maribor University, Croatia
  • Warsaw and Krakow Universities, East-European Institute, Lublin, Poland
  • Nobel Institute, Oslo, Norway
  • Amsterdam and Maastricht Universities, Holland



  • Member, World Academy of Art and Science, San Francisco, 2007
  • "National Geographic" Society, USA, since 1998
  • Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, since 1996
  • Society for Geologic Resources, Japan, since 1996
  • Geography Society, France, since 1996
  • Geological Society of Greece, since 1995
  • International Association of University Presidents (IAUP), 1994-1996
  • German Mineralogists Society, since 1993
  • Steering Committee of the European Universities Associations (CRE), 1992-1993, reelected 1994-1998
  • Mineralogical Society of America, since 1992
  • British Geological Society, since 1991
  • National Committee of Romanian Geologists, since 1991
  • National Council for the accreditation of university professors and doctors in science, Romania, 1990-1996
  • Editorial Board, Geological Review of the Romanian Academy, since 1988
  • Romanian Geological Society, General Secretary, 1987-1990, 1990-1993



  • Founding President of the Romanian Academic Forum, Bucharest, 2008
  • Founding member of the Council of Presidents, Tallinn, 2008
  • Founding member of the Advisors on Cuban Transition (ACT), Budapest, 2008
  • Co-president of the Institute for Italy-Romania Relationships (ITRO), Rome, 2008
  • Honorary President of the World Justice Project, Prague/Vienna, 2007
  • Member of the International Board of the International Center for Democratic Transition (ICDT), Budapest, 2007
  • Member, Belarus Task Force, Vilnius/Warsaw, 2007
  • Founding President, European Generation Foundation, Bucharest, 2006
  • Member, High Council of the International Organization of Francophony, Paris, 2004
  • Member of the Board of Directors, East West Institute, New York, 2001- 2008
  • President of the International Committee for monitorising the parliamentary (2001) and presidential (2007) elections in Senegal, Dakar
  • Founding President of the Citizen Education Association, Bucharest, 2001
  • Founding President of the Institute for Regional Cooperation and Conflicts Prevention, Bucharest, 2001
  • Founding member of the Balkan Political Club, Sofia, 2001
  • Founding President of the Romanian Foundation for Democracy, Bucharest, 1992
  • President of the Civic Academy, Bucharest, 1991-1992
  • Spokesman of the University Solidarity, Bucharest, 1990-1992



  • International Berlin Gathering - Myths, Beliefs and Politics in the Balkans, Berlin, July 2009
  • Congress of the Romanian-American Academy - Uncertainty, a Permanent  Challenge for the Modern Culture and Science, Sibiu, June 2009
  • UNESCO-CEPES International Conference - A Higher Education for a Democratic Society in the 21st Century, Bucharest, May 2009
  • Freedom Forum - The Pedagogy of Suffering and the Lesson of Freedom, Oslo, May 2009
  • East West Institute Board Meeting – The World Financial Crisis. A Historical Chance for a New Political Project, New York, October 2008
  • World Justice Forum International Conference – Rule of Law - a Fundamental Choice for Man and Nations, Vienna, July 2008
  • Annual Conference of History of Religions – The Presence of the Islam in Europe, Bucharest, May 2008
  • Conference of the Strategic International Relationship Institute (IRIS) - Francophony and Francophily – between Communication Tool and Way of Life, Paris, May 2008. 
  • "Europe - Ukraine" Forum , Ukraine – European Union Relationship. Hopes and Challenges,  Kiev, February 2008
  • Global Forum of New Democracies, Taipei - Opening speech, January 2008
  • International Conference The Changing Role of Women in a Changing World - Budapest, November 2007
  • International Conference of the Balkan Political Club - Responsibilities towards the Future Generations - Sofia, October 2007
  • World Justice Project - Rule of Law as A Way of Life, Prague, July 2007
  • Eurasian Economic Summit - Cooperation Opportunities in Eurasia: from the Vicious Circle of Underdevelopment to the Virtuous Circle of Sustainability, Istanbul, May 2007
  • Forum for Democracy and Free Trade – From Aladdin’s Lamp to a Modus Vivendi in the Globalized World, Doha, Qatar, April 2007
  • East West Institute, the Conference Crisis Management – a Success in Romania,  Istanbul, December 2006
  • Conference „The First Two Years of the New European Union Members” – Europe of the 27 and the Future Challenges,  Budapest -  December 2006
  • Balkan Political Club - PECO and the Francophony in the Globalized World. The Success Era: the Education,  Sofia - September 2006
  • Institute for Peace Studies in Alexandria - February 2006
  • Hungarian Civic Foundation – Future of the Civic Popular Alternative in Central Europe, Budapest - June 2005
  • Vienna Economic Forum – The Infrastructure Construction in South Eastern Europe: from the Vicious Circle of Underdevelopment to the Virtuous Circle of Sustainability, Bucharest, June 2005
  • World Energy Congress – Sustainability. Living in One World, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2001
  • Conference of the International Association of Universities Presidents – The University of the 21st Century. Towards a New Ethics of Responsibility, Brussels, Belgium, 1999 
  • Symposium on Cultural Values and Human Progress – The Borders of civilizations: Clash or Dialogue, Harvard University, USA, 1999
  • European Universities Association Conference – University Politics for Europe, Budapest, Hungary, 1994
  • European Conference – Perspectives of Higher Education Reform in Central and Eastern Europe, Menaggio, Italy, 1993
  • European Community Conference – The European Community and the Balkans, Corfu, Greece, 1993
  • European Conference – The Universities in the Service of Students Development, Barcelona, Spain, 1993
  • Transatlantic Conference of American and European Rectors (ACE/CRE) – New Demands, Enduring Values: The Challenge of Human Resources, Williamsburg, USA, 1993
  • Conference AUPELF-UREF – Days of Reflection upon the Francophone Channels, Paris, France, 1992
  • International Symposium on International Policies and Strategies, München, Germany, 1992
  • International Conference Geological Research in Eastern European Countries, London, United Kingdom, 1991
  • European Conference on Technology – Integration of Technology Assessment and Humanities in Engineering Education, Karlsruhe, Germany, 1991
  • UNESCO Conference on The Blue Danube Ecological Programme, Vienna, Austria, 1990
  • Balkan Rectors’ Conference on University Education and Research Interaction, Istanbul, Turkey, 1990
  • International Symposium on Gold Geology, Shenyang, China, 1989
  • International Symposium on Genesis of Minerals, Heidelberg, Germany, 1983
  • 13th Congress of the International Association of Mineralogy, Varna, Bulgaria, 1982
  • Conference of the International Association of Mineralogy, Orléans, France, 1980
  • International Congress of Geology, Paris, France, 1980




  • Mineralogy in the System of Earth Sciences, London, Imperial College Press, 1999, 384 p.
  • Mineral Genesis of Skarns of Sasca Montana, in Romanian, Bucharest, Romanian Academy Press, 1980, 170 p
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Scientific Papers published in periodicals. Selection

  • Metasomatic Origin of Some Intergrowths, American Mineralogist, Vol. 57, No. 5-6, pp. 932-940, 1972, co-author Şeclăman M.
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  • 36 geological reports; 5 geological expertise; 3 geological maps.




  • Tetralogy Time of Tearing Down Time of Building.

Volume I: The Two Faces of the Wall, Bucharest, Universalia Publishing Houses, 2002, 685 p.

Volume II: Touchstones, Bucharest, Universalia Publishing Houses, 2002, 900 p.

Volume III: The World We Live In, Bucharest, Universalia Publishing Houses, 2002, 914 p.

Volume IV: Books of Change, Bucharest, Universalia Publishing Houses, 2002, 740 p. 

  • Time of tearing down, time of building, second edition, revised (English version), Bucharest, Universalia Publishing Houses, 2005, 479 p.
  • Truth about Romania, Bucharest, Universalia Publishing House, 2004, 598 p.


Contributions in volumes. Selection

  • Risks and ecological policies in Romania, Nefrit Publishing House, Bucharest, 1994, 150 p.
  • Relationship between democracy and the economy in the post- communist transition, in Democracy in Asia Its Problems and Prospects, Asia-Pacific Peace Press Publishing House, Seoul, 1995
  • Introductory study to the book „Il semipresidenzialismo: dall’ archipelago europeo al dibato italiano”, Torino, Giappichelli Publishing House, 1998
  • The 21st Century University: Towards au Ethies of Responsibility in the book  Touchstones for a Modern Culture Proceedings of XII Trienal Conference of the International Association of University Presidents, John Nolan Publishing House, Brussels, 1999
  • The Intellectual Elites in the 21st Century: Between Historical Mission and the populist draft. The Intellectual Elites Populism: the lost of the self-esteem, in the book Mobility of Elites in the 20th century Romania, Paralela 45 Publishing House, Iasi, 2008, co-author


Studies and papers published in periodicals. Selection

  • The Market Economy and the Citizen’s Trust, Eurasian Economic Summit Magazine „The Future is Eurasia”, no 12, Marmara Foundation, Istanbul, 2009
  • The Balkan Myth of the Sacrifice of Creation: a Plea for Redeeming Self-Respect, Changing Balkans Magazine, no. 10, Sofia, February 2009
  • Justice fundamentum regnorum, FAR XXI Magazine, no.2, Bucharest, February 2009
  • For a Francophony in the Service of the Knowledge Society, International and Strategy Magazine, N°71, Fall 2008
  • Romanian Intellectual Elites facing a new national historical project, FAR XXI Magazine, No.1, Bucharest, August 2008
  • Romania’s Relations with the Russian Federation: What we have accomplished, What is Left to Be Done - Foreign Policy, Bucharest, June 2008 
  • Europe’s Children, vol. The Future is Eurasia, Marmara Group Strategic and Social Research, Istanbul, May 2008
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  • The Black Sea Region: A Great Opportunity for an Economic Development Based on the East- West Bridge, pag. 21-23, Romanian Journal of International Affairs, vol. IV, Bucharest, 1998



  • Doctor Honoris Causa conferred by Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France; University of Liège, Belgium; Polytechnion University, Athens, Greece; University of Montreal, Canada; New Delhi University, India; University of Beijing, China; Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey; University „Saint Ivan Rilski”, Sofia, Bulgaria; University of Maribor, Slovenia; Srinakharinwirst University, Bangkok, Thailand; Eurasian University, Astana, Kazakhstan; University “Saint Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Romanian Academy Award for outstanding scientific contributions in the field of geology, Bucharest, Romania, 1980
  • Palmas Academicas – Gold Collar, conferred by Brazilian Academy of Letters, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Great Gold Medal conferred by Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Honorary Medal of the Caroline University, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Honorary Medal of the Sao Paulo University, Brazil
  • Medal Arthur Bertrand, Academie des Sciences, Institut de France, Paris, France
  • Medals conferred by National Institute of Sciences and Arts, France; Université de Paris – Sorbonne, France; University of Amsterdam, Netherlands and University of Szeged, Hungary



  • National Order Romania's Star: Head of the Order 1997-2000
  • Legion of Honour, Great Cross, French Republic
  • Saint Michael and Saint George Order, Great Cross, United Kingdom
  • Order of the Elephant, Denmark
  • Saint Olaf Order, Great Cross, Norway
  • White Rose of Finland, Collar, Republic of Finland
  • Order Infante Dom Henrique, Collar, Portuguese Republic
  • Cross of the South, Collar, Federal Republic of Brazil
  • Saviour Order, Great Cross, Hellenic Republic
  • State Decoration, Republic of Turkey
  • Stara Planina Order, with Ribbon, Republic of Bulgaria
  • Aztec Eagle Order, Collar, United States of Mexico
  • Double White Cross Order, Republic of Slovakia
  • King Tomislav Order, Collar and Great Star, Republic of Croatia
  • Sun of Peru, Great Cross with Brilliants, Republic of Peru
  • Independence Order, Collar, Qatar
  • Yaroslav the Wise Order, 1st Class, Collar, Ukraine
  • Order of the Republic of Moldova
  • Saint Andrew Order, Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
  • Holy Grave Knights Order, Collar Degree and Grand Cross