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Message at the opening of the 7-th edition of International Women’s Forum, Athena, May 22, 2002

Emil Constantinescu at the National Conference of National Union of Romanian Employers, The Romanian Patriarchy Palace, June 8, 2002

From left to right: Petre Roman, Mircea Geoană, Mircea Carp, Emil Constantinescu at the 4-th edition of the Forum of the Romanian Press from Everywhere, reunion presented by Mircea Carp, Bucharest, June 24, 2002

With Prof.dr. Dermitzakis from the Athens University, Faculty of Geology and the Committee for awarding the Doctor Honoris Causa title at the Bucharest University, Faculty of Geology and Geophysics, June 2002

In Tunis, September 2002

The launching of the tetralogy „ Time of Tearing Down, Time of Building”, Romanian Athenaeum, October 5, 2002