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February 6 – 10, 2015  

Visit to Berlin  at the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy. Visits the University of Jena and the Hochschule Fur Musik Franz Liszt in Weimar.


February 3, 2015 

Talks with Adrian Sanda, Secretary of State for the acknowledgement of merits of fighters against the communist regime instituted in Romania during 1945-1989, and with Octav Bjoza, sub-secretary of State  on the stage of cooperation with the Romanian Foundation for Democracy (RFD), in view of accomplishing the RFD projects: Fort 13 Jilava Memorial, “Wings” Monument dedicated to the anti-communist resistance and the Gratitude Law for the anti-communist political detainees, deported people and their descendants.

Visits the site in the Free Press Square, the location to be of the “Wings” monument, dedicated to the anti-communist resistance.


February 1, 2015

Participates in Sofia, at the funeral of Dr. Zhelyu Zhelev, President of Bulgaria 1990-1997.


January 18, 2015 

Participates in the events dedicated to celebrating 25 years since the opening of the FPMR (Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation) upon HRH Princess Margareta of Romania arrival in Romania.


January 15, 2015

On the National Culture Day, participates in the solemn session of the Romanian Academy and the opening of the exhibition “Mihai Eminescu, full expression of the Romanian soul” and the anniversary concert hosted by the Romanian Athenaeum.


January 14, 2015 

Participates in the debate on the volumes „Broken destinies. Pages on the Romanians in the East (1917-1954)” and  „Three years near the President (1997-1999)” by dr. Ioan C. Popa, organized by the Romanian National Bank.


January 9, 2015

Signing in the Condolences Book opened at the Embassy of France, following in the terrorist attacks in Paris. Condoléances au people français pour les pertes subies, compassion aux familles des victimes et solidarité avec la France cruellement eprouvé ces jours-ci. Emil Constantinescu” (Condolences to the French people for the loss, compassion with the victims’ families and solidarity with France cruelly challenged these days. Emil Constantinescu)