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4 - 5 October 2012

Particicpates in Baku, Azerbaijan at the second edition of International Humanitarian Forum The 21st Century: Hopes and Challenges


2 October 2012

In Bucharest, attending the general meeting of the Club of Rome.

Speaking at the album-book release Vlaicu Ionescu, the Painter hosted by the National Library.


1 October 2012

Participating at the opening festivity of the 2012-2013 university year, at the Bucharest Polytechnic University.


28-30 September 2012

Participating at the 5th edition of the Lech Walesa Prize awarding ceremony, which took place in Gdansk, Poland.


15-17 September 2012

Participating in the international conference "Nuclear Threats and Security", organized by the World Academy of Art and Science and the European Leadership Network, in Dubrovnik, Croatia.


3 September 2012

Participating in the Annual Meeting of Romanian Diplomacy.


12 August 2012

Attending the Laureates Gala concert, at the final of the "Hariclea Darclee" canto International Festival, which took place in Braila.


11 August 2012

Attending the friendly football game between FC Barcelona and Dinamo Bucharest, on National Arena.


10 August 2012

Invited at the reopening of the Armenian Church Archbishopric premises, in presence of His Holiness Karekin II Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians.


12-15 July 2012

Participating at the Global Round Table, organized in Split, Croatia. 


3 - 5 July 2012

Visiting Israel, has a meeting with the Prime Minister, the Foreign minister and Theophilos III, Patriarch of the Holy City of Jerusalem and all Palestine.


7 July 2012

In Palestine, visiting the Romanian Establishment from Jericho and meeting the Jericho and Jordan Valley governor.


25 June 2012

Participating at the awarding ceremony with the “King Mihai I Medal for Loyalty“ of historian Marius Oprea and journalist Radu Calin Cristea, by the Royal House of Romania.


9 - 22 June 2012

Participating in the conference The 2012 International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy & International Economics – Political & Economic Inequalities: Bridging the Gap Between Civil Society and the Public & Private Sectors organized in Berlin by the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.


11 June 2012

Meeting with Prince of Wales in Bucharest, with the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II celebration.


7 - 9 June 2012

Participating in the Humanities in the Contemporary World conference, organized in Podgorica, Montenegro by the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS).                   


28 May 2012

At the release of the interviews book “Politics and Diplomacy”, written by Elena Chirita.


24 May 2012

Attending the title Doctor Honoris Causa  awarding ceremony, offered by the Polytechnic University from Bucharest to King Mihai I of Romania

At the official opening of Linden Alley  from Izvor Park, realised in honour of Vaclav Havel and all fighters for freedom and democracy.


23 May 2012

Delivering a speech within the 20 years of Diplomatic Relations Romania–Kazakhstan conference, held in Bucharest.


18 May 2012

On the occasion of International Museum Day, participating at the opening of the exhibition Dobrogea. Between Land and Sea, Mark of Time and of Man.


7-9 May 2012

Participating at Oslo Freedom Forum, organized in the Norwegian capital city.


27 April 2012

Invited by the mayor of Pitesti, takes part at The Tulip Symphony.


25 April 2012

Invited by Emil Hurezeanu, within his TV show Compas, broadcasted by The Money Chanel TV.


19 April 2012

Participating at the awarding ceremony of the Doctor Honoris Causa title to academician Mircea Malita, by the Polytechnic University from Bucharest.


13 April 2012

Meeting His Sanctity Bartholomew, the Ecumenic Patriarch of Constantinopol.


11-12 April 2012

Participating to the 15th Eurasian Economic Summit, in Istanbul and Izmir.


29 March 2012

Invited to the debate organized on the occasion of three years of Forbes Romania.


26 March 2012

Meeting with H.E. Omur Solendil,  ambassador of Turkey in Romania.

Participating in the  conference The Future of Europe in the New Global Order,  held by Tony Blair in Bucharest.

Participating at the special edition Basarabia. The Way it Was, broadcasted by the Romanian National television.


24 March 2012

Giving a large interview to the Gandul news magazine online edition.


22 March 2012 

Attending the opening ceremony of the new USA Embassy premises in Bucharest.


21 March 2012

Participating at forum Weather, Climate and Water – the Engines of our Sustainable Future in the Global Context, held at the Academy of Forestry and Agricultural Sciences in Bucharest.


19 March 2012

Meeting with HE Dan Ben Eliezer, ambassador of Israel in Romania.


8 - 10 March 2012

Participating in the conference Cultural Diplomacy, Does it Work?, organized by the Ditchley Foundation, in the United Kingdom.


6 March 2012

Welcomes the new ambassador of Greek Republic in Romania, Mr. Georgios Poukamisas.


5 March 2012

Participating in the 15th General Meeting of the Association of the Communes from Romania, held in Bucharest.


1 March 2012

Congratulating Mr. Tudor Pendiuc for celebrating twenty years as Mayor of Pitesti city.


29 February 2012

Within the series of events of "Cultural Days of the Romanian National Bank", is invited at the debate Mircea Eliade – Prose’s  knots and Signs.


28 February 2012

Participating in the awarding ceremony of offering the Doctor Honoris Causa title by the Bucharest University to the Israeli writer Amos Oz.


23 February 2012

Participating at Mediafax 20, a 20 Years Journey of Histories Making History Gala, organized to celebrate two decades of the news agency’s activity.


2 February 2012 

At the initiative of Liberpedia Association, having a dialogue with students on Romanian diplomacy during 1996-2000 and on the future of diplomatic cooperation, in Iocan’s Coffee Shop.


29 January 2012

Participates at Europe’s Destiny conference, organized by Prof. Andrei Marga at the I. L. Caragiale National Theatre in Bucharest.


25 January 2012

Participates in the homage session organized by the Scientist’s Academy to honor Dinu Sararu’s 80th anniversary.

At the Nine O’clock Prize Awards Gala, People of the Year 2011.


15 January 2012

Participating at the National Culture Day activities organized by the Romanian Academy.

Attending the opening of the Latin Passage in the Capital’s center.


10 January 2012

Participating at the Centennial session organized by the Romanian Academy dedicated to acad. Emil Condurachi.


9 January 2012

Addressing a condolences message to the Macedonian people, for the loss of former President of the Macedonian Republic, Kiro Gligorov.


5 January 2012

Invited by Oana Stanciulescu, within the Special Edition TV show, broadcasted by Antena 3.