President Professor, University President Civic Leader Geologist, Explorer




December 20, 2002

Invited by Emil Hurezeanu, President of the Jury, participates in the Gala of the Civil Society Prizes, at Odeon Theater.


December 11, 2002

Is Florin Calinescu’s guest in his show Alo, Florin!, at Tele 7ABC TV station.


November 30, 2002

Participates in the events organized on the occasion of celebrating Romania’s National Day.  


November 28-29, 2002

Delivers the speech Common Problems, Common Solutions, within the international conference “European Perspective for the Balkan Countries”, organized by the Balkan Political Club in Athens (Greece).


November 27, 2002

Visits the international book fair “Gaudeamus – Learning Book”, organized in Romexpo.


November 24, 2002

Has a meeting at the headquarters of the Institute for Regional cooperation and Conflict Prevention (INCOR) with Mrs. Madelaine Albright, during her visit in Romania


November 23, 2002

Participates in the event organized in the Revolution Square on the occasion of the visit made by the President of the United States, Mr. George Bush.


November 22, 2002

Gives a large interview to the radio station Free Europe.


November 21, 2002

Is invited in the TV shows on Romania’s integration into NATO, at TVR 1 and PRO TV stations.


November 19, 2002

Is Gabriela Langada’s guest in her show How You Comment?, broadcasted by Radio Romania Actualitati radio station.


October 25-27, 2002

Participates in the seminar Triangle of Weimar and Ukraine, held in Kraków  (Poland).


October 17-19, 2002

Participates in the meeting of the East West Institute Board, held in Istanbul (Turkey).


October 10, 2002

Is invited by Dana Deac in her show Coffee with Salt, broadcasted by Antena 1 TV.


October 6-7, 2002

Participates in Varna (Bulgaria), in the international conference on the Finance Management of Mining Industry Corporations.


October 6, 2002

Gives an interview to the BBC radio station.


October 5, 2002

At the Romanian Atheneum releases his book-document Time of Tearing Down, Time of Building.

Is invited if the radio show Info Cultural, broadcasted by Radio România Cultural.


October 3, 2002

Has a private meeting with the President of Hungary, Ferenc Madl, during his visit to Romania.


October 2, 2002

Is invited by Rodica Culcer, News Department Director with the Europa FM radio station.


October 1, 2002

Participates in the university year opening festivity, at the Law School, University of Bucharest


September 21-23, 2002

Participates in the round table on the topic Diversity and Cultural Rights, organized by the International Organization of Francophony in Tunis (Tunisia).


September 7, 2002

Has a meeting with Mr. Bruce Jackson, President of the US Committee for NATO.


September 6, 2002

Participates in the jubilee international conference UNESCO–CEPES on the topic Higher Education in the 21st Century: its Role and Contribution to the Human Progress, held at the National Art Museum.


August 30, 2002

Has talks with Mr. Wim van Velzen, vice-president of the European Popular Party, who was making a visit to Romania.


August 15, 2002

Has a meeting with Petru Lucinschi, President of Moldova Republic 1996-2001, who was making a private visit to Romania. 


August 14, 2002

Offers an interview to Free Europe radio station.


August 8-11, 2002

During his visit to Hungary, meets Mr. Ferenc Madl, President of Hungary at the Balaton and Mr. Arpad Goncz, President of Hungary 1990-2000, in Budapest.


July 12-13, 2002

Participates in the Board of Balkan Political Club and at the international conference Economic Revival in South Eastern Europe and the Role of the Balkan Political Club, held in Bucharest.


July 11, 2002

Participates in the 3rd edition of the “21st century Romania” Summer School, with the topic Romanian in Change – From Challenge to Reality. An economic, political and social approach, organized y the Association Volunteers for Ideas and Projects, under the aegis of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.


July 5-6, 2002

Invited by Hanns Seidel Foundation and the Institute for international Relationships, participates in the symposium Franz-Josef-Strauss 2002 – the 21st thematic session of politics and strategy, held in Munich (Germany).


June 24, 2002

Participates in the 6th edition of the Worldwide Romanian Press Forum with the topic Romanian-Romanian Dialogue in the context of the Euro-Atlantic Integration, held in the Romanian Broadcasting Hall.


June 20, 2002

Meets young participants in the Forum of Romanian Youth who Studied Abroad, held in the I.L. Caragiale National Theater.


June 8, 2002

Participates in the National Conference of the Romanian Employers’ National Union, at the Patriarchal Palace.


May 22-25, 2002

Participates in the 7th Women Global Forum, on the topic Technology, Environment and e-commerce in the cradle of civilization, held in Athens (Greece).


May 17-19, 2002

Participates in the annual conference in Windsor Castle, London (UK), on the topic The World after September 11: Political, Economic, Military and Spiritual Challenges.


May 3-4, 2002

Participates in the seminar Role of the Think Tanks in the New Millennium, organized in Mamaia by the Romanian Academic Society (SAR).


May 1, 2002

Is invited by Stelian Tanase in his show A Quarter Past Ten, broadcasted by Realitatea TV.


April 27, 2002

Participates in the international conference with the topic European Union and Ukraine: Neighbors, Friends, Partners?, organized by the East West Institute in Kiev (Ukraine).


April 26, 2002

During the visit to Kiev, has a meeting with Mr. Leonid Kucima, President of Ukraine.


April 13-16, 2002

In New York (USA) participates in the meeting the East West Institute Board.


April 8, 2002

Is invited at the UNITER Awards Gala, held at the I.L. Caragiale National Theater.


April 2, 2002

Has a meeting Vienna (Austria) with Mr. Alois Mock, Honorary President of the Austrian Popular Party.


March 29-31, 2002

Participates in the international conference Regional Security and the Role of the Balkan Political Club, held in Skopje (Macedonia).


March 24-25, 2002

Participates in the cultural event marking 10 years since the beginning of The Seven Last Words of Our Savior on the Cross, at the Coronation Cathedral St. Martin in Bratislava (Slovakia).


March 22, 2002

Gives an interview to Mr. Carol Sebastian, BBC radio station.


March 20, 2002

Chairs the works of the NATOgether seminar, organized by the Institute for Regional Cooperation and Conflict Prevention (INCOR).


March 15, 2002

Invited by the management of the Romanian Olympic Committee, participates in its General Gathering at the „Sydney 2000” Center.


March 10, 2002

Participates in the 1989 – 2002 Dialogue: Difficult Road of Democracy without Timisoara Proclamation, organized by Timisoara Society.


February 28, 2002

Is invited at the French Institute, to participate in the events organized on the anniversary of two years of “Cultural Observatory” magazine.


January 19-20, 2002

Participates in Sofia (Bulgaria), in the Balkan Political Club Board meeting.