President Professor, University President Civic Leader Geologist, Explorer




January 15, 2001

Participates in the Romanian Academy commemorative meeting dedicated to the end of Eminescu Year and on the occasion of 151 years since the poet’s birth.


March 7, 2001

Meets the Secretary General of the International Organisation of Francophony, Mr.  Boutros Boutros Ghali, who is making a visit in Romania.


March 22, 2001

Participates in the book release the Greek Citadel, by Professor Zoe Petre.


March 23, 2001

At the Romanian Atheneum, participates in the ceremony of awarding the Prize for Excellency in the Romanian Culture to the sculptor Ion Irimescu.


March 24, 2001

Participates in the official opening of the Romanian Modern Art Gallery within the Museum of National art of Romania.


March 25, 2001

Is invited at the launch of the daily newspaper Independent and of the press articles volume Transition Chronicles, by Horia Alexandrescu.


March 28, 2001

Invited by the Institute for Political Research, participates in the release of the first number of „Studia Politica. Romanian Political Science Review”.


March 31, 2001

At  Snagov Palace, participates in the „NATO 2002” Forum, concluded with the adoption of a Declaration- Appeal addressed  to the Romanian citizens and to the public opinion in the NATO member countries.


April 4, 2001

Participates in the solemn session of the Romanian Academy dedicated to 135 years since the foundation of the Academy.


April 24, 2001

Joins thousands of Romanian who were watching the football game when Gica Hagi retired.


April 25 – May 2, 2001

Leads the monitoring Francophone Mission of observers at the elections in Senegal, proposed by the Secretary General of the International Organization of Francophony Mr. Boutros Boutros Ghali.


May 4-11, 2001

Participates in the annual conference of the Board of the East West Institute, held in New York (United States of America).

Participates in a series of events organized in New York, within the Romania 2001 Week.


May 17-18, 2001

Participates in „The 2001 Marshall Memorial Fellowship Alumni Conference”, on the topic Facing the change in a new century: economic innovation, political reform and cultural renewal, held in Evian (France).


May 18-20, 2001

Invited by Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach, participates in the conference on the topic Everlasting Truths for the New Millennium, organized by the Christian Responsibility in Public Affaires Foundation at Windsor Castle (UK).


May 25–27, 2001

As founding member, participates in the inaugural meeting of the Balkan Political Club, held in Sofia (Bulgaria).


May 28, 2001

Ina Sofia (Bulgaria) is awarded the title Doctor Honoris Causa of the “Kliment Ohridski” State University and of the “Sf. Ivan Rilski” University of Mining and Geology.


June 4, 2001

Participates in the release of the bilingual edition (French – Romanian) of the book-album “Ladies in Modern Painting” by Lucian Regenbogen.


June 7, 2001

Invited by the Senate of the University of Bucharest, participates in the ceremony of awarding the title DHC to Kamil E. Idris, General Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization.


June 13, 2001

Invited by the Plastic Artists Union in Romania, participates in the festivity of bestowing insignias and medals offered by the President of Romania (through Decree 524/2000) to plastic artists.


June 21, 2001

Participates in the official dinner offered by the President of Romania on the occasion of the visit made by the President of Turkey, Mr. Ahmet Necdet Sezer, in Romania.


July 3, 2001

Participates in the “Summer School – 21st Century Romania” on the topic Globalization and its Impact on Romania, organized at the Academy of Economic Studies, by the Association Volunteers for Ideas and Projects (VIP).


July 6, 2001

Invited by former president of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Michal Kovacs, and the municipality of Nove Zamky city, participates in a football  gala which reunites famous players of the national teams from Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic and Hungary from the 60s – 70s.


July 23, 2001

At the Embassy of France, has a meeting with Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, who was making a visit to Romania.


August 8, 2001

Participates in the events organized by the Archbishop Cathedral and Dealu Monastery in Targoviste, on the occasion of the memorial service for Mihai Viteazul Ruler.


September 6, 2001

Meets the President of Georgia Eduard Sevarnadze, during his visit to Romania.


September 14, 2001

Joins the Romanians gathered in the University Square to keep a moment of silence for the memory of the terrorist attacks on September 11 occurred in the United States of America.


October 23-25, 2001

Participates in the 13th World Congress of Energy, held in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Is chairman at the round table Sustainable Development: Living in One World.


December 10, 2001

Is invited by Paul Grigoriu, producer of the radio show Academic Quarter – comments at  the open microphone, broadcasted by Radio Romania Actualitati.


December 14, 2001

Gives a large interview to Mediafax news agency.