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January 3-7, 2000

During the state visit to Israel, meets President Ezer Weizman. Visits the Memorial of Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes „Yad Vashem”. Is awarded the Grand Order of Knights of the Saint Grave.


January 6, 2000

Meets in Bethleem Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestinian Authority.


January 10, 2000

Promulgates the Property Law.


January 13, 2000

Welcomes at the Cotroceni Palace Mr. Romano Prodi, President of the European Commission, on the occasion of his visit to Romania.


January 14, 2000

Is invited at the commemorative ceremony organized by the Romanian Academy on the occasion of celebrating 150 years since Mihai Eminescu’s birth.


February 3, 2000

Chairs the Government meeting during which is approached Romania’s medium term development strategy.


February 7-9, 2000

Goes on official visit in The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, where he is welcomed by her Majesty Queen  Elisabeth the 2nd..

Meets the Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Blair. Visiting the London Mayoralty.


February 12, 2000

Participates in the Head of State and Government Reunion of the South-East European countries, at the Parliament Palace.


February 13, 2000

Welcomes the Turkish Prime Minister, Bulent Ecevit, at Cotroceni Palace.


February 18, 2000

In Zagreb (Croatia), participates at the establishment event of their new president, Stjepen Mesic


February 21, 2000

Chairs the meeting of the Country Defense Supreme Council (CSAT).


February 23, 2000

Welcomes Miss Helle Degn, President of the Parliamentary Committee of the European Security and Cooperation Organization.

Welcomes Mr. Walter Schimmer, General Secretary of the European Council, and Lord Russel Johnston, President of the Parliamentary Committee of the European Council.


March 2, 2000

Welcomes Wesley Clark, captain of the Allied Forces of Europe, at Cotroceni Palace.


March 4, 2000

The state visit of the president of Portugal, Mr. Jorge Sampaio, begins in Romania.

Participates at the Portugues Poets and Europe Colloquium, at the Romanian Cultural Foundation.


March 16, 2000

Participates at the audit meeting of the Court of Auditors.


March 30, 2000

At the Parliament Palace, inaugurates the works of the Countries of Central and East Europe conference.


April 5, 2000

 Meets the President of the Armenian Republic, Mr. Robert Kocharian, during his official visit in Romania.


April 11, 2000

Visits the disaster areas in the Timiş, Hunedoara and Caraş Severin counties.


April 12, 2000

Chairs the meeting of the Country Defense Supreme Council (CSAT).


April 13, 2000

Participates at the Inauguration Ceremony of the 3rd National Fair of Tourism.

Visits CERF 2000.


April 14, 2000

Welcomes Mr. Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of the Hungarian Republic.


April 28, 2000

Participates at the 7th Meeting of the Presidents of Central-European Countries, in Szekesfehervar, Hungary.


May 6, 2000

Participates at the symposium organized on behalf of the reopening of the European Art Gallery at the National Museum of Art.


May 18, 2000

Meets the President of the Czech Republic, Mr. Vaclav Havel, on behalf of his official visit in Romania.


May 23, 2000

The state visit of her Majesty Queen Margrethe the 2nd of Denmark starts in Romania.


May 31, 2000

Chairs the meeting of the Country Defense Supreme Council (CSAT).


June 1, 2000

The International Children’s Day is being celebrated in the Cotroceni Palace Park.


June 6 – 7, 2000

The president goes on an official visit in the Slovak Republic. Meets President Rudolf Schuster, in


Awarding ceremony of the Great Gold Medal of the Comenius Univeristy  takes place .


June 8 – 9, 2000

The state visit in Croatia takes place. Meets President Stjepen Mesic. Visits the Mine, Petrol and Geology Faculty in Zagreb.


June 13, 2000

Chairs the meeting of the Country Defense Supreme Council (CSAT).

Welcomes Mr. Iordan Sokolov, President of the Bulgarian Parliament.


June 22, 2000

Participates at the 2nd high-level Reunion of  Ministers of Internal Affairs of the state members of the Council of Europe, at the Parliament Palace.


June 26, 2000

Welcomes Mr. Wim Kok, Prime Minister of The Kingdom of the Netherlands, at Cotroceni Palace.


June 28, 2000

Welcomes General Joseph W. Ralston, commander-in-chief of the Allied Forces in Europe.


July 6, 2000

At the Parliament Palace, inaugurates the opening session of the Parliamentary Gathering of the Security and Cooperarition Organization In Europe.


July 17, 2000

During a press statement, announces his intention to withdraw from the candidacy for a new presidency mandate .


July 19-23, 2000

The official visit in the United States of Mexico takes place.


July 24 – 27, 2000

During his official visit in the Federative Republic of Brazil, meets President Henrique Cardoso, at Planalto Palace, Brasilia. The University of Sao Paolo  gives the Gold Medal to the president.


August 17, 2000

Chairs the meeting of the Country Defense Supreme Council (CSAT).


August 18, 2000

In his presence, the unveiling ceremony of the martyrs heroes monument of Timosoara takes place, in Popeşti-Leordeni commune.


August 31, 2000

Participates  at the official presentation ceremony of the Romanian Delegation at the Olimpic Games in Sydney (Australia), at the Parliament Palace.


September 6, 2000

Participates at the High level Meeting of the Millennium, the 55th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization, in New York, USA, together with numerous Heads of State and Government.


September 8, 2000

Visits „Columbia”, New York University, USA.

Participates at the reunion “Silk Road Cooperation”, organized by Maryland University and the American Institute East West, in New York, USA.


September 14, 2000

Participates at the Award Ceremony of handing diplomas of graduation of the Romanian-American Bussiness School, in the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), programme, 1998-2000


September 23-25, 2000

Visits Australia. Meets the Governor of Australia, Sir William Patrick Deane.


September 26-27, 2000

The official visit in Thailand takes place. In Bangkok, he is received by his Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej King of Thailand , and meets the Prime Minister , Mr. Chuan Leekpai.

The Title of Doctor Honoris Causa will be offered by „Srinakharinwirot” University.


October 6, 2000

He is received in audience by His Holiness Pope John Paul II in the Vatican Palace's private library.


October 7, 2000

Participates at the Neweropeans 2000 Congress, organized in Paris.


October 11, 2000

At     Cotroceni Palace, welcomes Princes Anne of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Meets with His Holiness Bartholomew I, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.

Decorates the Romanian athletes which won at the Olympic Games in Sydney (Australia).

with medals.


October 18, 2000

Chairs the meeting of the Country Defense Supreme Council (CSAT).


October 25, 2000

Participates, in Skopje, (Macedonia), at the State Members of the Cooperation Process in South-East Europe Reunion.


November 4, 2000

Visiting Harghita and Covasna counties.


November 8, 2000

Participates at the” Heroes of the nation” ceremony and The knights of Michael the Brave Order ceremony, at the Mihai Voda Church in Bucharest.


November 22, 2000 

Chairs the meeting of the Country Defense Supreme Council (CSAT).


November 23, 2000

Participates at the Balkan Environment Conference, at the Patriarchal Palace, in Bucharest.


December 1, 2000

Lays a wreath at the grave of the Unknown Soldier.

Organizes a ceremony on behalf of the National Day , at the Cotroceni Palace.


December 4, 2000

Participates, at Romexpo, at the Opening of the Romanian Science Week- Romanian Science and Innovation Fair


December 7, 2000

Takes part in the European Conference Reunion at head of state and government level, in Nice (French Republic).


December 21, 2000

At Cotroceni Palace, the mandate ceremony takes place, for the new President of Romania, Ion Iliescu.