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November 17, 1996

The post-electoral exit polls for the presidential elections show that the Romanians trust Prof. Dr. Emil Constantinescu.


November 22, 1996

The Constitutional Court validates Emil Constantinescuís election as President of Romania.


November 29, 1996

As President of Romania, professor Emil Constantinescu oaths in front of the joint Chambers of the Parliament.


December 1, 1996

In Alba Iulia he celebrates, alongside with thousands of Romanian, Romania National Day.


December 2, 1996

On the occasion of the 5th summit of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), held in Lisbon, Portugal, has the first set of contacts with political personalities from Europe and the US.


December 6, 1996

At the Cotroceni Palace, has a consultation meeting with the ambassadors of the NATO member countries appointed in Bucharest.


December 13, 1996

The Prime Minister and the government members oath in front of the President of Romania.


December 14, 1996

At the European Council held in Dublin (Ireland), promotes the adhesion of Romania in the European Union and the NATO.


December 16, 1996

Participates at the commemorative ceremony for the events in December 1989 in Timisoara.


December 18, 1996

Chairs the session of constituting the new Supreme Council of National Defense (CSAT).


December 30, 1996

Meets in Bucharest the President of Moldova Republic, Petru Lucinschi. Is started a pragmatic approach of the relationship between the two states.